8th Annual Strategic HR Summit

Leadership Development, Talent Management & Recruitment

19 – 20 May 2021 | ONLINE

With the constant global progress occurring along the time, HR has gone through diverse crucial changes reshaping the field to its core. The digital disruption we are experiencing has been integrated into the whole ecosystem enabling HR experts easier access to the fundamental insights of the industry. What technological contributions are considered transformation drivers?  What benefits do they bring?


The 8th Annual Strategic HR Summit: Leadership Development, Talent Management & Recruitment has been designed to cover all the ongoing trends and current challenges regarding the role of AI, digitalisation, automation, employee engagement, employer branding, reskilling & upskilling, talent succession, change management, leadership development, acqui-hiring and many others.  This highly interactive business conference will give you the chance to meet professionals from leading banks, telecoms, retailers, pharmaceuticals, airlines and other international cross-industry organisations that provide best-in-class opportunities for their employees.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • Ongoing trends and innovative approaches to talent management: Intelligent workplace
  • Talent management in global settings
  • Employee engagement
  • New dimensions of leadership development: Beyond traditional job skills
  • HR digital transformation journey
  • The role of AI in the HR decision-making process
  • HR facing one of the world’s biggest outbreaks
  • Recruiting in the “new normal”



Group Head, Change & Organisational Development


Culture and Employee Listening

Organisational culture is forever evolving. We often see our role in HR as steering, supporting or even shepherding this evolution. Too often the view is primarily seen as top down only, with a clarity of vision from the senior leaders that will shape the aspirational culture. How would we get the entire organisation involved in co-creating the future, and sharing what they will support or not tolerate? Like in any relationship, the clues lie in the connection and discussion. So we ask and we listen...at scale.

• Why do we need to change how we engage?
• Driving a shift to employee listening strategy
• Supporting the ongoing culture change
• Leadership and sustaining the dialogue


VP, Global Leadership Programs


Learning for ALL: Experiential Leadership Journeys

Creating a human centric leadership culture at ACCOR (250,000 employees around the globe,) has been a remarkable experience. Our experiential blended journeys takes global leaders through a 6 months journey to gain insights on to topics such as vulnerability, res

• Creation of the journeys: co-design between regions and global (internal)
• Learning for all: blended journeys are available for all levels of leadership in 19 languages
• Accountability for learning and growth: empowering employees to up-skill and leveraging their strengths


Global Head, Organisational Effectiveness


Risky Business: Managing Talent for the Enterprise

Talent management is seen as “part art, part science”. Instead of looking for new tools, new guides or new assessments, what about going back to basics? Value-driven talent is a way to consider how companies can allocate people capital in the same way as they allocate their financial and operational capital.

Marie-Kristin HAHN

Head of Talent Management & Development


Global Talent Review & Succession Planning Process

The presentation will showcase the approach Linde PLC is taking globally to identify talent and to ensure a sustainable succession planning.

• Identifying talent
• Potential identification
• Potential dimensions
• Sustainable succession planning

Francesca PETERS

Chief Talent Officer


Hybrid Working and the Post-COVID-19 Workforce

More than a growing trend, hybrid working is the future of work. Initiated by the digital revolution and accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, it enables organisations to generate higher productivity while improving the well-being of their employees.

Through several case studies, Francesca will showcase how hybrid working is becoming part of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy and how it helps accessing broader talent pools.

Exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of presentations – various backgrounds from presenters and participants

Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Swarovski

We offer to world’s leading companies at our summit

Case Studies

Experience leaders will provide you with lessons learned.


The chance for market-leading business knowledge networking.


All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

New Ideas

We are partnering with experienced professionals to provide creative ideas, inspiration, and guidance.

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What we offer to world’s leading companies

  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


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