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Globalization Partners International Ireland Ltd

No entity? No problem. Hire in 187 countries in as little as 12 hours, and without the need to set up costly international subsidiaries. You identify great talent anywhere in the world, and we put your team members on our locally compliant payroll and benefits plans in-country. Lift the burden of international payroll, tax, legal, and HR matters from your shoulders onto our fully compliant global infrastructure. Powered by our own worldwide entities, in-house expertise, and fully-integrated technology—all fuelling your global business expansion. When you work with us, our comprehensive solution puts the world on one platform.

Visit our website at http://www.g-p.com/

VERTICAL Development GmbH

VERTICAL Development educates the next generation of leaders who want to take the leap into a new world under new economic and social conditions. By teaching flow principles to leaders and their teams and guiding them in their personal development, they expand their awareness, create capacity for the complexity of our world and space for creativity, self-determination and empathic leadership – which allows others to grow. As a flow performer, you sleep better, work more focused, gain up to 10 hours of free time per week, and lead more humanly. That can be achieved within only 90 days with a 2-hour time investment per week.
The training methods are based on the latest neuroscience and wisdom traditions made applicable for today’s leaders.
The founders Achim Feige, Sebastian Baier and Thomas Björkman and their team of flow trainers have already worked with more than 500 leaders in 13 countries.
The transformation is guaranteed when the training is taken seriously. From the inside out. In harmony with human nature.

Bronze Sponsors


We accompany companies into the new world of Headhunting.

Reverse offers companies headhunting and HR consulting services. We stand out on the market for the digital business model and the scientific approach to Human Resources. 

We work on proprietary platforms that allow us to give the customer total visibility and transparency on the processes and to collect the data that allow us to track each step and optimize the flow thanks to data driven analysis. 

We work in Italy, France and Germany with offices in Milan, Bologna, Berlin, Barcelona and Paris. We are now more than 150 people.

Our Agile Headhunting is the advanced solution for permanent placement. A scientific approach that combines technology and human relations, to give companies the certainty of hiring the best strategic figures.

We guarantee double specialization thanks to the Industry teams – experts in the sector in which the company operates – and to the Scouts, a key figure in Collaborative Recruitment®, the first invention of our research laboratories in the field of Human Resources. Thanks to this model, the Scouts -professionals active in the same area as the candidate but with greater seniority- collaborate alongside our Head Hunters. The Scout is entrusted with the technical interview to validate the hard skills.

The scientific method and the data driven approach finally make Headhunting an exact science, leaving room for what gives real value: the human relationship.

We are certified Great Place to Work and Great Place to Work for Women: every Reverser works every day with openness to change, a digital approach and flexibility.



Excelloit is a talent consultancy and recruitment company with its headquarters in Germany and a global presence in India and the UK. With a strong focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies, Excelloit helps businesses identify and attract top talent for their human capital strategies. With a global presence, Excelloit is uniquely positioned to provide customized talent management solutions to clients across industries and geographies. Excelloit offers a range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including talent acquisition, talent management, workforce planning, and staff augmentation.

Talent acquisition services focus on helping businesses identify and attract top talent, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently. It helps businesses develop and retain their talent, ensuring that employees are engaged, motivated, and aligned with organizational goals. Workforce planning services help businesses align their workforce with their business goals, while Staff augmentation services provide businesses with the flexibility to quickly scale their teams as needed.

Excelloit’s product ‘Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS)’ is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses optimize their talent acquisition strategies by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies. It provides end-to-end recruitment process support, including job profiling, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding, to help businesses identify and attract top talent quickly and efficiently.

Excelloit’s ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)’ is a strategic partnership between the company and its clients, where Excelloit takes over the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to hiring and onboarding. This solution is ideal for companies looking to outsource their recruitment processes to an expert team to save time, resources, and costs while ensuring quality talent acquisition. Excelloit’s RPO solution is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet specific business needs.



TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo


Solution providers at the 10th Annual Strategic HR Summit: Leadership Development, Talent Management & Recruitment are selected based on the requirements and interests of our delegates.

The best way to showcase your expertise, solutions and services to a highly relevant audience is to sponsor an Allan Lloyds’ conference.

Our conferences are for senior level professionals only. In sponsoring our event, you will be in contact with decision makers in your industry, meaning you will be networking directly with the right people who are looking for the solutions that you provide.

Why to exhibit with Allan Lloyds?

Create a competitive advantage

Participating as a sponsor at our summit takes you straight to your target audience. Demonstrate your business advantage in this competitive market and increase your profile with potential clients and provide good presence for your existing ones.

Build customer relationship

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors. We provide you with the most effective way how to gain great visibility among international attendees, build up your name recognition and differentiate from your competition.

Choose a package according to your needs

Speaking slots? Moderating? Stands? Choose the right way how to showcase your expertise to the audience. We can create a package that will be suitable for your budget and meet all your requirements.

Let people experience your value

Conference schedule allows maximum personal interaction between exhibitors and delegates. Networking coffee breaks and cocktail receptions provide you with an opportunity to discuss your solutions and services with delegates, speakers and potential partners in relaxed atmosphere.

Deliverables of Sponsoring:

  • Company profile gaining
  • Increase of Revenue & Brand awareness
  • Exposure maximization
  • Proving your good presence for your existing clients in the competitive market
  • Face to Face networking and benefit from prearranged one to one meeting
  • Product Showcase
  • Summit speech holding
  • Qualified Leads Acquiring
  • Delegates reach

Like all our Summits the event is tailored to meet your requirements and be discussed. If you are interested in sponsoring and looking to reach professionals from leading companies, please email bus.dev(at)allanlloyds.com for more Information.

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors.